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At the heart of every SCI system is the focus on control. What good are stacks of equipment if using them requires learning and remembering which buttons to press? It is our goal to empower you to use a sophisticated system without having to carry around the manual.

We stress the importance of ergonomics in our designs. Too often electronics are capable of much more than you actually need. Through our interview process we
ensure enjoyment from the moment you walk through
the door up until you put your head on the pillow.
We achieve this through the long known concept of KISS.

Proof of our control concept exists in our beta testers. They are some of our favorite people on the planet and not because they are our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends, but because they are technically challenged and if they can comfortably use our systems, then anyone can.

We take this passion for usability one step further and never sell anything that you touch without living with it first ourselves. The “SC” in SCI stands for Sapient Controls and it is through this wisdom that we deliver electronic satisfaction.